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Crufts dog show over for another year

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 15/03/2013   Category: Dog Grooming

Now the UK’s largest dog show Crufts is over, has it inspired you to enter next year? Would you like to show your dog or even just for your dog to look as well groomed and polished as those who do?
Grooming should be a regular routine in which both you and your dog should enjoy. Shampooing your dog ensures a clean, glossy coat and also helps your dog smell at their best! When choosing the correct shampoo for your dog, ensure it is for dogs only; human shampoo is the wrong Ph level and irritates dog’s skin. If your dog has allergies or sensitive skin then be sure to choose a shampoo to help these conditions. A great brand that produces several different shampoos in their range would be Animology.

Whether you have a puppy, a white dog or a dog that suffers from fleas and ticks, this brand has a shampoo in their range to suit your dog. Once your dog is clean, it is then time to groom your dog. Brushing your dog will make their hair glossy and healthy, free of knots and also gives you the chance to ensure your dog has no skin conditions you don’t know about. Mikki produces such a varied range of brushes and combs that you are sure to find to correct product for your dog no matter what breed they are.
Many people are now opting to clipper their dogs themselves at home as it works out best financially and also you can do it as often as you wish. Clipping a dog is easier than it sounds and like most things just takes practice. A great clipper to begin with would be the brand new Oster Pro600i. This lightweight clipper allows five cutting lengths with just one single blade so you can cut the whole body with stopping to change blades. If you and your dog are new to grooming, this is this perfect clipper for you.
Practice makes perfect and with a whole year to practice, perhaps you will be entering your dog next year! For any advice on the products mentioned, feel free to contact our friendly team for free expect advice on 08451801010.