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Has Crufts inspired you to groom your dog?

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 10/03/2015   Category: Blog

Congratulations to the five year old Scottish Terrier Knopa who won Best in Show after winning the best in breed category.  She beat over 21,000 dogs to be crowned champion and her owners have said that it is her retirement show as they had planned for her to retire this year. A flat coated retriever, Dublin,  took the reserve spot coming in second place. Both dogs looked exceptionally well groomed and elegant as they gracefully received their prizes.

Has Crufts inspired you to brush up on your grooming skills, or get your dog into dog training to become the next winner of a competition? Dog grooming can be a very simple task to learn as long as you have the correct equipment and only use products of a professional level. You will never get a high quality finish without using the clippers and blade/attachment that a professional dog groomer uses. Grooming your dog yourself not only saves you money and planning grooming visits but also gives you more freedom with their style of coat as it is easier to maintain a certain length by monthly trims whereas this would be too costly if you use a groomer.

If you are looking to purchase a dog clipper then we would recommend choosing either an Andis or an Oster clipper as these are the two brands that most dog groomers use and have done for years. We stock their full ranges, along with extras such a clipper blades, trimmers, nail grinders and shampoo. Follow the guides online to choose which blade best suits your dog breed as you will need to use different blades for different areas of their bodies.

If you require any help choosing the right clipper then please  contact one of our trained team who will help you.