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Crufts winner stolen by thieves

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 14/04/2014   Category: Latest News

A huge hunt is now underway to find five Chihuahuas stole from a house in East Yorkshire on Thursday whilst the homeowners were out. One of the dogs, Valenchino Chihuahua Xena is the current Crufts champion, who won Best Puppy in Breed in Crufts this year whilst the other four were her Grandmother, Mother and two others. The Crufts winner could have been what has enticed the burglars to steal the dogs in hope they can sell them to make a substantial amount.

The owners of the Chihuahuas Mal and Lucy are understandably devastated by the theft of their precious dogs who they consider as children to them. They are now in fear that the thieves will harm the dogs as they realise they will not be able to sell them. “I’m 65 years old and I haven’t cried for years until now,” said Mr Hilton. “They are just like our children. We are devastated by this and we just want them back.”

The owners wish the dogs to come to no harm and would like the thieves to drop the dogs off somewhere safe such as with a vet or to the RSPCA so they can collect them and no further action will be taken.
The police are now involved and they can confirm that the thieves entered the house by smashing their way into the dogs home between 9:30am and 4:40pm on Thursday and took the dogs in a wicker basket out of the family home. A spokesman said: “The owner of the Chihuahuas is desperate to find them. These dogs need to be reunited with their owner and police are appealing for anyone who knows anything to contact them immediately so that we can have a happy ending to this story.”

The search is now nationwide using social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter with everyone involved hoping for the dogs to be found safe and well, and reunited with their owners. The police would like anyone with any information at all to contact them to help with the search.