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How to deal with dog flatulence

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 04/04/2014   Category: Expert Advice

Dog flatulence is never an easy subject to talk about, for some this might be an amusing topic and often discussed in a light hearted context, but for owners that have to endure their dog blowing off or farting it can be a real issue.

Dog Flatulence is caused by bacteria within the digestive system that breaks down food and creates smelly gasses which the dog then emits. Dog flatulence is one of the most common issues that dog owners have to deal with and whilst it may be an embarrassing subject for some it can be dealt with easily with the steps below.

Firstly you need to establish a cause for the flatulence before looking for a solution.

•    Eating human food – if you feed your dog scraps of your meal then you should look to stop this. Feeding your dog foods such as beans, peas, sprouts and dairy could be the cause of your dog’s flatulence. If your dog needs help with their digestion I would suggest purchasing a dog pro biotic to help with this issue.

•    Eating food too quickly – a lot of dogs do this and they simply just want to eat their food before anyone else does. When dogs rush eating food, they take in a lot of air which causes them to have wind. There is a simple way to prevent this and it depends what you feed your dog. Some people suggest adding kibble into wet food or meat as a way of slowing your dog down. There are also specialist dog bowls purposely made with added grooves to make it more difficult to get the food. However, the easiest way would be to change the timings of your feeds. Instead of feeding your dog 1-2 times a day, change it to feeding them 2-3 but in smaller portions.

•    Eating the wrong food – A lot of dog owners notice a huge improvement in their dogs flatulence after changing their dogs diet to a higher quality brand. This is due to the ingredients used within the foods but sometimes paying slightly extra can help in this case.

•    Medical issue – If you dog has severe flatulence or has had it for a prolonged amount of time there may be a medical problem with your dog and it is advised to take them to see a vet. They may not have any other symptoms however this doesn’t mean something could be wrong. It’s been proven that fleas and ticks can cause a dog to become nervous which can also cause this issue so it is always best to be safe and get checked out.

•    Exercise – Exercise can significantly improve dog flatulence by helping the gas move through the bowls so they dog should pass wind during the walk and not at home.

•    Charcoal biscuits – These are a great dog treat to add into your dogs diet, they detoxify the cases whilst inside the dog and dogs enjoy the taste.

We hope this helps you find the root of the problem however if changing your dogs habits don’t help please seek medical advice from your local vet. Good luck!