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How to deal with muddy paws in winter

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 09/12/2014   Category: Expert Advice

Muddy paws in the winter months are inevitable however there are ways to help you get through the winter with muddy paw prints all over your home and car.

Rain and snow will turn the majority of your dog walks into a muddy mess and unfortunately leaves you with dogs that have mud all up their legs and deep into their paws. If you have driven to your dog walk or your dog needs to get into the car then investing in dog travel products is the best thing for you. Solvit have produced a great range of dog travel products that will protect your seats and boots from mud, snow and wet dog smells that can linger in your car.

Consider where your dog is going to be placed first and then decide whether it is better for you to purchase Solvit seat covers or a Solvit boot liner. If you have more than one car then we would recommend using the boot space and getting a boot liner. They are machine washable and when fitted protect your boot from any mud or wet seeping into your boot.

When you return home after a dog walk then last thing you will want is your dog running into your home covered in mud and leaving muddy paw prints all over your home before you have chance the bath them. A great innovative product that helps this situation is a paw plunger. It’s a simple product that has fantastic results and solves the muddy paw issue immediately. Simply, fill the paw plunger up with warm soapy water before walking your dog and leave by the front door. When you finish your walk you plunge your dog’s legs into the paw plunger that has bristles inside cleaning your dog’s legs and paws instantly and towel dry one at a time. This is a great concept for dogs that are too heavy to carry through the house, or if your dog is too muddy to pick up as it easily cleans paws  by removing the mud.

Whilst great for cleaning mud off paws they are also a fantastic product to ensure your dogs stay healthy throughout the winter period. Many people use rock salt and de icer during the colder months on driveways and paths, both of which can be lethal to dogs. When dogs are walking past houses they may get de icer or salt stuck in their pads and then go to lick them clean and become ill. Using the paw plunger in the same way ensures their pads are free of chemicals and clean before entering your house.