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Dealing with dog fouling issues

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 18/05/2015   Category: Blog

With the summer weather approaching more dogs are spending time outside on longer walks, trips to the park or days out. This increases the risk of dog fouling so it is important to raise awareness now and prevent dog owners neglecting to clean up after their dogs.

Under the 1996 Dogs (fouling of land) Act, dogs have an obligation to pick up their pets dropping in open air spaces however some dog owners do not do this which leaves other members of the public very frustrated.

Different councils will rotate ideas to keep campaigns fresh and in the public eye. The Keep Britain Tidy campaign has performed research that shows over eight million dogs produce over one thousand tonnes of mess within the UK every single day and whilst most dog walker pick up after their pets, there is still a considerable amount that don’t.

Dog walkers, whether they are the pet’s owner or not who do not pick up the dogs mess are at risk of being caught and fined a fixed penalty notice which if it isn’t paid for in the appropriate time scale they will be forced to pay out up to £1000.

Keep Britain Tidy’s latest campaign is ‘We’re Watching You’ which was launched after research showed that dog walkers are more likely to pick up their dogs poop if they feel like they are being watched. Posters are placed up in the usual dog walking areas with eyes on to make people feel like they are being watched including glow in the dark ones as it has been stated that more people neglect to pick up their dogs mess when it is dark so this targets them especially.

This pilot campaign was funded by DEFRA (department for environment food and rural affairs) which saw an average of 46% reduction in dog fouling. Other councils and local authorities can sign up to the campaign for a fee which includes all the forms and support needed as well as the equipment needed such as posters.

Having the right tools at hand can encourage people to clean up after their pet helping keep streets and parks cleaner for the general public. You can purchase bags, scoops and bag holders from all pet stores including extra long handled scoopers for those who struggle to bend down. These products encourage responsible behaviour when walking a dog however also makes life easier for the dog owner.

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