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How to decide which cat flaps to buy

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 16/01/2015   Category: Animal HQ

When people are looking to purchase cat flaps it is usually for a number of reasons. Some cat owners would be looking for a very standard cat flap, one that allows your cat in and out of your house as they please without you having to be there yourself to do so. Others might have security issues with neighbourhood cats and would prefer a more advanced cat flap.

These higher security type of flaps are called microchip cat flaps and they work by being programmed to the microchip inside your cat. These cat flaps can help you keep in control of your pets lifestyle, choosing when they are allowed in and out which can help with certain situations such as appointments at the vets. It can also help you prevent other cats or wildlife entering your house whilst you are unaware or absent.

Whilst there are several brands of microchip flaps available on the current market, there are two brands who are the most trusted and well known, Petporte and SureFlap. Both companies have many years of experience behind them and have created microchip cat flaps that cat owners trust, love and depend on.

The SureFlap microchip cat flap allows up to 32 cats to be programmed into the system and will not let any other wildlife or neighbouring cat through your dog. Perfect for nervous cats as it has a quiet locking mechanism and once they realise they are in their safe haven once through the flap they will become a more relaxed cat. The only issue with the SureFlap is the size of it, it is a relatively small cat flap so if you have a tubby or a larger than average cat, the SureFlap pet door or another cat flap brand could be better for you.

The Pet Porte could be classed as a more advanced cat flap as it has more functions than the SureFlap. It includes vet mode which is where you can choose that if your cat enters the house they then cannot go back outside, great if you have appointments where you need the cat to be taken with you or you need them inside the house. Another great function is the night function; the catflap has a sensor so can keep your cat inside when it is dark outside and open as soon as daylight approaches.  Being slightly larger than the SureFlap it allows most cats to easily fit through it and also can have up to 31 cats programmed.

The main difference between the two would be the fact the SureFlap runs off batteries and the Pet Porte is mains operated. Depending on how many often your cat using the flap depends how quickly the batteries run down however on average the batteries last around 6 months. The Pet Porte comes with 2.5m of wire however an extension cable of 5m can also be bought as an extra.

Whilst deciding between the two you must firstly establish what needs you have, do you just want to protect your cat and family from others entering or do you want to prevent your cat exiting your house throughout the night. Both cat flaps get great reviews and come with a warranty so it is all down to your individual needs.

If you need help choosing which suits you best then feel free to contact us where an experienced member of our team discuss more information about the cat flaps.