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Dog ban enforced in Lincolnshire town

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 04/08/2013   Category: Dog Training

It has been announced that people in Cherry Willingham, Lincolnshire have to keep their dogs under control in all public spaces by using a lead at all times. This is a measure the council has chosen to take to stop owners allowing their dogs to foul freely on people’s gardens and outside the schools. The ban now means that anyone who fails to comply with any aspect of the order will receive a hefty fixed penalty notice.
However both residents and the council themselves are unsure on the success of this order. Residents have stated that the council need to make it clear exactly how this will work whilst the council have admitted imposing the ban is going to be difficult. The council see this ban as a move in the right direction, however understands that it will be difficult to uphold as the authority doesn’t have anyone to enforce the order on a daily basis. Lack of general dog training and loose dogs causing problems has prompted the ban.
Councillor Irmgard Parrott has worries as the how this will work. “This is my concern. I must admit – it’s alright introducing these laws – but in practice, catching the people and policing this is very difficult.”
This is a procedure that the council are willing to give time to see if it works and improves the surrounding areas.

We would love to know what everyones views on this are, will this be a success and possibly be rolled out throughout other towwns across the UK? Email us or contact us through Twitter and Facebook and we will post your comments.