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Dog “barkery” going from strength to strength

Posted by: Samantha Bartlett  Date: 02/10/2013   Category: Latest News

It is commonplace that dog owners may treat their pets to a new dog bed, or even some dog grooming equipment. However, owners can now splash out on some special dog-friendly cakes too.

Sheffield doglover Zereen Lunn has week talked about how her “barkery” is going from strength to strength. The Artisan Barkery, which is ran from Lunn’s own kitchen, provides the likes of cakes, muffins, buns and flapjacks that all contain dog-friendly ingredients.

Ms Lunn said she started up her business after one of her friends suggested she started selling her doggy treats.

Talking about her business, Lunn told thestar.co.uk: “I’ve always baked treats and snacks for my own dogs, Hugo and Fraser. One day a friend suggested that, since mine love their healthy snacks so much, other dogs might too.”

She continued: “Dogs have sensitive stomachs and it’s important they get just the right sort of food. I never saw the point in feeding them high-quality meals and then just giving them store-bought snacks, which are full of additives – it would be like eating an organic diet, then visiting McDonalds every day!”

However, owners may want limit the amount of food they give their pets, as some experts have said that some people are “killing their pets with kindness” by overfeeding them.

Robin Hargreaves, president of the British Veterinary Association made the comments as a hit back to a report which found that feeding pets small amounts of food could leave them unhappy and anxious, according to dailymail.co.uk. He branded the findings as “a dangerous version of the truth.”