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Dog Barking In Elderly Dogs

Dog Barking In Elderly Dogs

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 26/01/2012   Category: Dog Training

Sometimes as a dog ages you may well notice that your dog has suddenly started to bark, this can because by a host of problems and you need to methodically try to establish what maybe the cause of this dog barking. Just like humans as dogs age they become less tolerant of life and the smallest things may start to annoy them to trigger the barking. It is important that you try to analyse if anything has changed, the routine the environment or surroundings.

As we age we start to suffer from aches and pains in our joints, we get arthritis and many other mobility problems, it is exactly the same for dogs and this could well be a factor for the barking problem. It is always a good idea to check dogs joints regularly and watch for a response in your dog, if you feel that this maybe a problem then there are supplements that can help and also certain types of foods that can help with joint issues that have been specifically designed for elderly dogs.

As dogs age it is very important to ensure that their beds are comfortable for them and you should look at this closely as they perhaps spend more time lying down now so they need a really supportive and comfortable bed. The new memory foam beds are ideal for an elderly dog and these are well worth the extra cost and could help to make your dog happier. If the barking is persisting then you need to get the dogs eyes and hearing tested as this again could be a cause. If your dog is having issues with sight or sound these are areas of concern to him and these could well be the cause of this new behaviour.

An older dog may well benefit from a regular check up at the vet to test for these issues, or a vet may well be able to see if there are other health issues that are the reason for the barking. Sudden or prolonged barking can be caused by a change in your dogs mental health and dementia may well be a cause just like in elderly people if you suspect that this is the case then again the vet can subscribe certain drugs to help with this.

With an ageing dog it is important to recognise that normally there is a good reason behind a change in behaviour and you need to work hard to see if you can find the cause. With all elderly dogs it is important to be patient with your dog and recognise that they don’t like change and try your best to accommodate them accordingly.

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