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Dog beer goes down a treat

Posted by: Sean McGrath  Date: 10/01/2013   Category: Latest News

Sick of the dog having a crafty lick of your pint while your back is turned? A brewery in the US has decided to provide canines with their own beer.

Dog lovers can now spoil their hairy companions even more, thanks to ‘Dawg Grog’ – the alcohol free beer by Boneyard Brewery.

According to afp.com, the beer is the brainchild of Daniel Keeton, 32, who says that it took him and his sous chef, a seven-year-old American Staffordshire terrier, just over one year to perfect. The doggy beer is made with wort, a by-product of the genuine beer making process, as well as spices including ginger and honey, metro.co.uk reported.

“I’m recycling a spent product that would otherwise go down the drain,” Keeton remarked.

“I’ve had lots of people saying that dogs love human beer, but obviously that’s not good for dogs so I wanted to make an alternative that’s fun for your dog as well as a beneficial healthy treat,” he added.

As dog beds, bones and other treats flew off the shelves over the Christmas period, the beer was in demand too. The brewery has been struggling to keep up with orders since the story hit the press.

The small town of Bend, Oregon – where the beer is brewed – has become synonymous with the canine treat. Doug LaPlaca, chief executive of VisitBend.com, said: “Two things that have become part of the Bend lifestyle are beer and dogs. So to create something that would take advantage of the two, we thought was a brilliant idea.”