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Dog blood banks call for more donations

Posted by: David Howells  Date: 08/07/2013   Category: Latest News

Blood banks for dogs around the country have warned that stocks are running dangerously low, care2.com reports.

Many thousands of people in the UK give blood numerous times a year, with the stock going to help those in operating theatres or who have been involved in serious incidents.

Despite this, few are aware that dogs need blood supplies as well, with stocks helping to keep many pooches alive. This lack of knowledge, it is thought, could be behind low stocks which could be putting lives at risk.

Now, Pets Blood Bank UK (PBBUK) has pledged to hold donor recruitment sessions throughout July in the home of spreading word far and wide, whilst also signing more donors up for the service.

The group will be targeting givers in Wales as the rural nature of some veterinary practices can mean that sourcing blood against the clock is an issue.

In light of the calls, a number of pointers and answers to frequently asked questions have been offered to any owners considering putting their dogs up as givers. They are:

– Dogs have certain blood types, like humans, but do not produce such severe reactions to being given one other than their own. In most cases, any donation can be accepted by any other.

– Donor dogs must be fit, healthy and over 25kg. After giving, they should be rested in their dog beds for the remainder of the day whilst energy reserves are low.

– Labradors, German shepherds and rottweilers are the best dogs for giving blood, but any that fall into the ‘large’ category will typically be fine.

“It’s absolutely harmless to the donor dog and they might go their entire life without being called upon in any case,” founder of the Capricorn Animal Sanctuary, Sheila Steward, told bbc.co.uk. “So if it could potentially save another dog’s life, then why not?”