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Dog breeder passed off puppies as pedigree dogs

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 22/05/2014   Category: Latest News

A dog breeder from Broom near Norwich duped new dog owners into thinking that the puppies she sold were actually pedigree dogs. Lisa Walsh 47 is facing jail for falsifying documents and trying to pass off the puppies she sold as Kennel Club registered puppies and she falsified the documents to convince the new owners that the puppies were pedigree.

She sold each puppy for £500 and when she was court she had cheated pet owners out of in excess of £17David Wilson, prosecuting on behalf of Norfolk Trading Standards, said some of the puppies bought from Walsh were vomiting and had diarrhoea when the new owners took them home. Others also suffered health problems and the prosecutor at Norwich Crown Court said that  the wellbeing of the dogs was irrelevant as she focused on maximising commercial gain from her activities.

Judge Anthony Bale said that in view of the evidence she could now face a lengthy jail sentence. His advice was to check the documentation for authenticity if you are looking to acquire a new puppy.