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Dog car seats are the safe way to travel

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 04/12/2015   Category: Blog

Over the festive period we always see an increase in families travelling with pets to visit family or to Christmas getaways so the importance of purchasing a dog car seat is even higher. When looking to buy a car seat for your dog you will need to be sure not to purchase a cheap one that has no safety features at all as these can sometimes do more damage than good.


A dog car seats purpose is not only to contain your dog so that they are not loose in the vehicle distracting you driving and also potentially getting hurt too. They are also beneficial as similar to a baby seat, in the instance of high impact or a car crash your dog will be safely restrained into the car seat meaning they cannot be injured by coming out of the seat and hitting other chairs or the windscreen and will also not hurt any other passengers or the driver.

Whilst a cheap, lesser quality booster seat might suggest that it serves this purpose, unfortunately they will not be crash tested so cannot perform to the high standard that is required from the dog car seat. The only seat out there on the market that currently has been independently crash tested is the Solvit Pet Safety Seat.


This car seat is an on seat booster so is one of the sturdiest seats on the market, it holds pets up to 35lbs so great for several dog breeds and comes in two designs. It lifts your dog up from the usual car seat level by 9 inches enabling them to look out of the windows whilst travelling that has been proven to reduce car sickness significantly and help with dogs with anxiety making car journeys much more enjoyable for the dog and the family.


Using a safety tether your dog will be fastened into the seat via their harness which has been crash tested up to 2,000lbs. This means in the unfortunate incident of a car accident or high impact you will have complete confidence that you dog will be safe and in their car seat causing no injury to themselves or other passengers in the car.


Unlike a seat belt harness, dog car seats give your dog a place to feel safe in the car whilst also being secure. The seat is padded and comes with an internal reversible cushion making it a favourite for dogs as it acts like a comfortable bed for longer journeys. Your dog is connected to the back of the seat so they have the choice whether to stand or lay down throughout the journey meaning you will not be interrupted by their movements at all and can concentrate on driving.


It is stated in the road safety act that dogs must be suitably restrained in a vehicle at all times so now is the best time to purchase a car seat for your dog for the safety of your pet, passengers and yourself.