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Dog Clippers Keep Your Pet Looking A Cut Above the Rest

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 20/09/2016   Category: Animal HQ

Grooming is an essential part of caring for your dog. Some breeds will need more attention than others, especially dogs with long hair or fur which tangles easily or becomes knotted.

It is advisable to get your dog used to being brushed and groomed from an early age. It may be difficult with puppies, who think you are playing a game, but they will soon learn to stand still and enjoy the attention.

With some pets you may want to bathe and brush your dog to get rid of loose hair and tangles as well as keep them lovely and clean. You will need dog clippers, a comb and brush for proper grooming.

Dogs may be nervous about electric dog clippers to begin with, so you may want to use them sparingly until your pet gets used to the noise and feel of them. Also make sure the clippers do not get too hot.

Keep the dog clippers sharp, and regularly change the blades so it is easy to groom your pet without pulling at its hair. Choose the right blade for your dog. A poodle will need different blades to a long-haired Afghan hound, for instance.

Hold your dog to make sure it cannot make any sudden movements. You will need to keep your pet calm so it doesn’t try to escape while you are grooming it.

Get into a routine. Maybe groom your dog just after a walk when it is more tired, and always follow the same procedure. You may prefer grooming from the back upwards. Find a style which suits you and your dog and stick to it. Always clip in the direction that the hair grows.

You may need some of your dog’s favourite treats nearby to ‘bribe’ it if it gets bored or fidgety. While grooming your dog, it is a good time to check over its general condition. Take a look at the teeth, ears and length of its nails.

You can always use the money you save by grooming your dog at home instead of going to the professionals to buy a new treat for your pet.

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