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Dog Clippers to Maintain Optimum Canine Health

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 26/11/2015   Category: Blog

Keeping your dog’s coat clean and healthy is a standard aspect of overall pet health, but investing in dog clippers may at first seem like an unnecessary addition. However, dog clippers are not only an essential part of kit for show dogs and dog groomers; they are also becoming more prominent as a helpful and necessary addition to general care and pet maintenance.

For dogs with longer coats, regular grooming and occasional shampooing with a suitable or medicated formula is sometimes not enough to ensure optimal health and skin condition. If the dog is regularly walked through muddy or grassy areas, keeping the coat length in check can make the difference when it comes to minor and temporary complaints like tangling or irritation and more serious situations like flea and tick infestations. This is why you should consider adding clippers to your pet health routine.

Clippers to Suit Your Pet and Your Needs

The variety of dog coats is now as diverse as the variety of dog breeds. Selecting dog clippers that are suitable for both you and your pet is an essential part of making the process smooth, easy and even enjoyable. There is now a wide range of excellent dog clippers available with varying speeds and blades to ensure that your pet is comfortable and you are confident. Cordless clippers are also available and especially helpful to use outdoors, while travelling or in awkward-to-reach places.

Clipper Maintenance

With extended use, clipper blades can become dull, blunt or damaged. Replacing the blades will ensure that your clippers still run smoothly and effectively with no discomfort or skin irritation for your dog. Blades are available in a variety of materials, including silver, stainless steel or magnetic finishes. They vary in the length and thickness of the hair they are intended to cut, enabling you to achieve a sleek and professional finish at home. The health of a dog can often be reflected in the health of its coat. Clippers can keep a long-haired dog cool and comfortable and also distribute natural oils through the coat to add shine and maintain health.

Investing in quality clippers can spare you the expense of a groomer and spare your pet the stress of travel or handling by strangers. It is now possible to achieve and maintain a neat and healthy coat, free from irritation, with careful attention given in the comfort of the home.

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