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Dog clippers selling fast as they prepare for Crufts 2016

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 25/02/2016   Category: Animal HQ

It’s that time of year again; the world’s biggest dog show Crufts is just around the corner and it’s set to be the biggest one yet as it’s celebrating its 125th anniversary. Crufts is expected to attract over 150,000 visitors alongside over 22,000 dogs as it runs for four days showcasing dogs from around the world which is televised nationally and screamed globally.

Dogs owners seem more determined than ever before to ensure their dogs are looking good and up to Crufts high standards ready for the show beginning in two weeks time. Preparations are well under way already as we have seen a huge increase in sales of Dog Grooming products especially Dog Clippers in the last few weeks with dog owners controlling their dogs finish themselves rather than leaving it to a dog groomer which could potentially result in your dog not looking as you envisaged.

We receive an abundance of calls every day from dog owners asking for advice on which clipper and blades to choose for their pet to achieve the desired outcome. As dogs come in all different shapes, sizes and with varied coats it is often confusing knowing what to buy for your dog.  We highly recommend the Andis Super Two Speed Dog Clippers which is currently at a special price just for Crufts at £112.00 with a free No.10 blade and free delivery. This professional clipper is the type your groomer would be using so with using the same products you can create the same high standard finish.

If you are new to grooming then a two speed clipper is the perfect choice as it allows you to slow the motion down to do areas that you might find trickier like around the paws and face whilst still being able to do their body as a reasonable speed. Andis clippers can have both Andis and Oster blades attached to it so it is always easy to find the right blades you need for your breed and if you have more than one dog makes like very simple as you just need to swap the blades over for each dog.

If you are attending Crufts with your dog and want them looking their best then feel free to contact us as we can suggest the correct blade for your breed and ensure you are buying correctly. You can also benefit from our next day delivery service for £3.00 so they will arrive promptly in plenty of time for Crufts.

Take advantage of our Crufts offer and purchase an Andis Two Speed Clipper with Blade for just £112.00 delivered via our website https://www.easyanimal.co.uk/andis-agc-super-two-speed-clipper-with-free-blade.html#.Vs8AbeaeiG4