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Dog collar vs dog harness?

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 24/01/2013   Category: Dog Walking

Dog collar or dog harness? This is a dilemma that all dog owners face when they get a dog. Most owners naturally migrate towards a collar as that is what is expected from them but many should think twice before they decide. If your dog is one that pulls or quite strong or an escape artist using a dog collar may not be the best choice.

Short term and long term injuries can be caused to neck muscles with strains and fatigue on the neck by owners that pull dogs from a lead onto a collar, in more serious cases long term injuries to the vertebrae can cause the dog persistent pain and result in large vets fees.

Many owners haven’t considered a harness and yet there has been great advances in the development of dog harnesses that are really comfortable and yet perform really well. After doing lots of research and from personal experience I would always opt and recommend that a dog uses a harness.  I feel that a harness gives you more  control over the dog with as most come with a top handle or grab point and as there is more material to get hold of  it is easier to control an escape artist. Most good harnesses have a means to attach a dog lead and of course if your dog pulls this is then spread across the body of the dog and can’t cause any injury.

The high quality harness by Ruffwear is one of the best harnesses out there. It is a harness for active dogs with the added bonus of a top handle to help your dog when necessary or if you need to get hold of them quickly this is great. What I really like about this harness is the weight distribution, with the extra padded straps around the body the dog is extremely secure and when lifted the dog is in no discomfort at all.

The other harness I really recommend using would be the new  Julius K9 IDC Power Harness which is really comfortable for dogs to wear and doesn’t restrict them even when they are running..  This robust scratch proof harness was created initially for the use of police dogs due to its high quality secure features. Similarly to the Ruffwear harness, this one has a top handle too which is a great feature for harnesses to have. It comes in numerous sizes to vary from even the smallest dogs to the largest dogs and consists of several adjustable straps to fit all builds securely.

Make sure you choose a good well fitted dog harness and your dog will love you for it and you have total peace of mind that they are safe and secure, harnesses can be used at all times and are also great for securing dogs in vehicles.