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Dog given footwear to protect against grass allergy

Posted by: Richard Towey  Date: 09/04/2013   Category: Latest News

An 11-year-old Hungarian Vizsla can enjoy racing around her local parks again after receiving special shoes which have helped her beat an allergy to grass, reports thesun.co.uk.

Direct content with the surface causes Millie to develop painful lumps on her already worn-down paws and rashes all over her body. Owner Vicki Painter has spent over £10,000 on special medication to treat her allergy without success.

Some of Millie’s other intolerances include wheat, soya, rice, gluten along with cats, dust mites and pollen.

However, rather than keep her locked up inside, IT project manager Vicki decided to try something completely different – ‘doggy boots’.

Millie’s special footwear have rubber soles to protect her from the grass and fit snuggly round her feet through their velcro strapping system. Now she’s free to don a dog harness and strut around the fields with her housemates in Humphrey, a two-year-old English Pointer and Bryn, a 14-year-old Hungarian Vizsla.

Vicki, 39, claimed herself and partner Glyn would carry 30kg Millie out of the house because her feet were too tender to walk on their gravel driveway. This is far from the case now, with Vicki telling dailymail.co.uk the shoes have changed her dog’s life dramatically.