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Dog Grooming Tips

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 28/02/2017   Category: Blog

Many people consider dog grooming an unnecessary expense. However, the fact of the matter is grooming is an important routine that you should follow if you own a pet. Dog grooming is quite important because dogs are vulnerable to several diseases and thus, proper hygiene should be an important aspect of their routine and dog clippers deserve a special mention.

What are dog clippers?

Clippers or dog clippers are used for cutting your dog’s hair. While dog clippers are ideal for shortening the hair of your pet, veterinaries insist that certain precautions need to be taken before you use dog clippers. One should consider factors such as the length of the dog’s hair. Also, one needs to take care that the dog clippers are sharp and not well worn. You should always bathe and comb your dog before using dog clippers, this way you can make sure to get all the knots and tangled hair out of the way before you start cutting. Otherwise, you may catch them during the clipping which could damage the clippers and even cause harm to your dog.

Things to consider before you purchase dog clippers

What breed is your dog before you buy the clippers – This is very important as each breed of dog can require certain treatment when it comes to grooming.

Consult a professional- It’s important that you consult a professional if you are unclear on which clippers would be suitable for your dog.

Safety guides- Always read the safety precautions before you use them. Always make sure that both you and your dog are comfortable, this will prevent any unwanted movement. Remove tangles and mats from the pet’s coat before you use the clippers. Bathe your pet before you use the clippers. This ensures that the pet will not get affected with bacteria or is not infected in any way.

When using dog clippers

• Try and use sharp blades. Dull blades are inefficient.

• Always keep a guide handy if you are unsure about what you’re doing.

• It can be a good idea to turn the clippers off every now and then and brush down your dog. This not only gets loose fur out but also prevents your clippers from overheating.