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Dog grooming in winter

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 20/12/2014   Category: Blog

As winter begins, dog walks get colder and layers of the dogs coats get thicker but how do dog owners keep their dogs groomed for the winter spell?

There are several different things you have to contend with such as ice, road salt, de icer chemicals and cold weather all affecting how your dog should be groomed.

The biggest thing that winter affects is dog’s paws. The change in weather is extremely harsh on paws and you can minimize this from purchasing products and changing your routine slightly. Dog’s paws can become cracked and irritated from the snow, ice mud and low temperature. It is important to always have a small bowl of warm water waiting for your dog after a walk and a towel.

Alternatively you could purchase a paw plunger which works in the same way but with rows of bristles to help clean paws. This eliminates any ice or snow that has dog stuck in your dog’s pads and ensures their paws are free of any chemical coming from de icer or road salt.

You could also try using dog boots to prevent any contact with the ground or snow itself. Some dogs are more than happy to wear them however some will simply try to chew them off so it depends on the individual dog.

Many pet owners wonder whether it is okay to bathe their dog in the winter and the answer is yes. You must ensure your house is warm and they are completely dry before allowing them outside as they will get a chill. Choose a time after feeding and a toilet break so they will be happy inside until dry and bath them as normal.

If your not is not too nervous you can blow dry them on a low setting to speed up the drying time. If your dog is inside more often in the winter you can use dry shampoo between baths to keep them smelling fresh.

When considering your dogs winter hair cut or dog grooming needs  , remember  most of your dogs live inside with you in a centrally heated house. They are not like wild animals that need their fur for warmth. If you like to go for long walks and your dog kept outside for certain parts of the day then ask for a longer trim than usual or put a dog jumper on them.

If you groom your dog yourself then use a longer dog clipper blade than usual. You can also purchase a dog coat for them during walks to keep them warm.

Dogs will need their winter coats brushing more regularly, work it into your routine so that you can help prevent mats and also check your dog for any sores or lumps. Remember that dog grooming is just as important during these colder times of year.