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Dog Mess Bins to be Removed

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 29/08/2014   Category: Latest News

Stoke on Trent’s City Council is bringing in the money saving scheme of not replacing old dog bins despite local residents asking for broken old dog bins to be replaced to help keep the area clean. The council are now trying to raise awareness that pet owners can use normal waste bins for their dogs waste and they don’t need to only use a dog bin like they previously have done. However the local residents are arguing that not enough people know they can use normal waste bins so the problem of dog mess in the area may return after they have tried so hard to combat this issue.

Association treasurer of Northwood’s Residents Association Alan Wrench said: “We recently had a dog bin installed near the top of Prime Street, close to where I live, and people do seem to use it, including myself, when I take my dog out. But the fact no more dog bins are going to be replaced could bring the problem back. I don’t think the rule that you can put animal waste in regular bins is publicised enough. I know there are some fed-up residents in relation to this problem. I find that dog mess is more prevalent in alleyways because it’s hidden away.”

Several areas across England have been trying to decrease the amount of dog fouls in their areas in recent months by providing more bins, high fines, paint on the floor and incentives to find the culprits of dog fouling. These people and who this affects may be slightly disheartened to see that old or damaged bins will not be replaced however the Council are sending a strong message to these people that this should not affect the amount of dog fouling as pet owners can just use normal bins, it’s just a case of people knowing this information.

Councillor Andy Platt, cabinet member for a clean city, said: “It may not always make sense to have a dedicated dog bin in a particular spot, as they can’t be used for general litter, whereas dog mess that is properly bagged and tied can be disposed of in ordinary litter bins. I can’t stress this point enough, as I’m not sure that many dog owners understand, that as long as they scoop it and bag it, they can use any litter bin. It’s a disgusting problem that we are clamping down on. Dog mess in public places looks awful and poses a serious health risk to other dogs and young children and anyone we catch leaving it lying around will be prosecuted and fined.”

How do you feel on this move from the council? Do you think people will catch on fast and use normal waste bins or do you think it will increase the problem of dog mess in public? We would love to hear your views, contact us via twitter @easyanimal or facebook www.facebook.com/easyanimal2