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Dog ramp advice

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 13/05/2015   Category: Expert Advice

When looking to buy a dog ramp there are several common mistakes that dog owners are at risk of making which could result in having a ramp that is inadequate and doesn’t get used. This can be an expensive mistake to make so before purchasing make sure you do all the correct research first.

Dog ramps are a great aid for getting elderly or injured dogs in and out of vehicles however they are also recommended for dogs of all ages. When dogs repeatedly jump from the boot of a car to the floor they put added pressure onto their bones and joints which can cause joint issues later in life and result in significant pain for your dogs and expensive vet fees. By having a dog ramp you eradicate any pressure put onto their joints and they can continue to travel with you easily and safely. Vets recommend puppies are trained to use ramps from an early age to help maintain their health for years to come.

The main problem dog owners find when purchasing a dog ramp is not getting the correct one for your dogs breed and also your vehicle. Dog owners often purchase ramps thinking any ramp will be adequate for them, but this is simply not the case. If you have a higher backed vehicle you will need a longer ramp to ensure the incline is not too steep. If your incline is too steep then your dog will feel nervous using it and will be put off car journeys. It is also dangerous for your dog as when they feel anxious they become unsteady and could slip off the ramp. The ideal incline is less than 30 degrees to the floor, this gives your dog a steady incline that is manageable and they will be comfortable with. Before purchasing a ramp check your boot height and see which version of ramp is best for you.

Ensure you research the load capacity and weight of the ramp. You need to check that your chosen ramp can support your dog’s weight without bending or flexing which will scare your dog. Take into consideration that the load capacity of a ramp is measured with a stationary weight; dogs weigh more when moving so choose a ramp that holds more than your dogs weight.

Please be aware that some ramps flex more than others which could be an issue for a nervous dog. From our experience Solvit dog ramps are proven to be the most stable of all the brands available.

You will need to consider where you are going to store your ramp inside your vehicle taking into consideration what passengers you will usually have, luggage, dog cages and your dog. Take note of the dimensions of the ramp when stored to check that it will fit inside your vehicle before purchasing.

If you feel you need further information or advice then please contact us on our free phone helpline 08451801010 and speak to one of our team who can ensure you purchase the correct ramp for your dog and your car.