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Dog Ramp Training Guide

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 12/04/2014   Category: Expert Advice

If you have just purchased a dog ramp or are presently looking to do so, then reading this guide should help you and your dog to successfully use a ramp.

The first thing to understand is that not all dogs will instantly get the hang of using a dog  ramp, some dogs especially older ones will tend to be more reluctant to do so. The key to successfully using a ramp is to be patient, it may take several days to get a dog to use a ramp especially if they are at all nervous.

When you first buy a ramp put this against your vehicle and check the incline of the ramp, it is essential that the incline is less than 30 degrees, if the ramp is steeper than this then your dog may not want to come down this. If the incline is steeper than 30 degrees then you may have to upgrade to a longer ramp, fortunately we offer full advice on this so if you are unsure please don’t hesitate to call us on 0845 180 1010 or 01785 819507.

010_Deluxe_Telescoping_Ramp_hero_72Most ramps now have an abrasive anti slip surface which you can use in all weathers, this has very good grip but you will need to familiarize your dog to the feel and sensation of this surface as it will be a totally new experience for them. The best way to do this is to lay the ramp flat on the floor, put your dog on a short lead and then have the dog walking backwards and forwards across the ramp. Repeat this until your dog is totally confident, if your dog is reluctant then some strategically placed treats should entice them onto the ramp surface.

Make this ramp training fun and give your dog lots of praise when they successfully achieve the task. Once you dog is feeling confident with this then put a brick under the leading edge of the ramp so there is a gentle incline and repeat the process. If you feel that they have confidently accomplished this then put a second brick under to raise the incline slightly further and repeat. Then you should look for a low wall or step to try it on gradually increasing the incline and using the treats to entice your dog up the ramp if required.

For reluctant dogs it is a good idea to have a person on either side of the ramp to prevent the dog from jumping off the sides and to give the dog some confidence. The key to all this dog ramp training is to be patient, take your time and don’t expect instant miracles. What you are trying to avoid is forcing the dog to do something when they are nervous, build up their confidence first and foremost.

If your dog is at all stiff legged or scrambling up the ramp out of control, then this is a clear sign that they are anxious and require more training. You need to get to the point where your dog is calm and relaxed and walking up the ramp slowly and confidently. Normally you can tell this from the marks left on the ramp surface, long gouge marks on the ramp are indicative of a dog that has not been trained properly to use a ramp.

Check that the ramp doesn’t flex and bounce too much when your dog goes up it, a moving and flexing ramp can be a nightmare for a nervous or elderly dog, if you need any help in choosing the most stable dog ramps then give us a call.

We hope this guide helps you to train your dog but if you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Mike Ransome

    I am looking to purchase one of your dog ramos i have a range rover sport what size do you suggest i buy

    • easyanimal

      Hello Mike,

      Can you please advise what height your boot opening is to the ground please?

      • Mike Ransome

        32 inches

        • easyanimal

          Hello Mike,

          This is on the upper limit of the Deluxe Telescopic dog ramp and you might be better with the XL version of this ramp but you would need to check the stored dimensions to ensure it fits where you want to stow it.

    • Elaine driver

      I have a Audi q3is your product suitable for this vehicle please advise

  • faye Lucia

    Hi I have a 14 year old American bulldog, he has always gone in the boot of my vw golf but recently when he jumps in after his wall his back legs seem to buckle, someone has suggested getting a ramp and I think it sounds like a good idea, so they fold up so I can put in the car after him? Can’t seem to find any details about the way they fold up? Many thanks