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Dog ramps vs Dog steps

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 06/10/2015   Category: Blog

When people decide they need a product to make their dogs life easier getting to out of reach places they usually get stuck between whether to choose a dog ramp or dog steps, trying to decide which is the best option.

For stability, a dog ramp would always be the best option. Dog ramps have rubber stoppers on the bottom to prevent them slipping, they can also be attached to the car whilst your dog uses it so it will not slip from underneath your dog. Sometimes when out walking, the ground is not always completely even and in this instance a ramp is the best choice as it can be placed on uneven ground but still be stable for your dog. Dogs that are old, injured or nervous should only even use a produce that is stable and does not bend or flex to help them not lose their confidence. If you used dog steps on uneven ground, you are risking your dog slipping off them.

Ramps also usually create a lesser incline for your dog which will help if your dog is nervous or injured as it will be easier for them to walk up. Some elderly dogs will find stairs too much of an incline and effort to get up and down so in this case, a ramp would be the best choice. It is always recommended to look for a lightweight ramp such as Solvit UltraLite Bi Fold if you feel the weight might be a struggle for you. Most people find ramps quite easy to use however you must always check you are buying the right one for your dog, your vehicle and yourself. Check you have enough space in your vehicle to store the ramp when you are not using it.

If you are looking for a solution indoors then you will most likely be recommended dog steps. This is because the floor will be even so the steps are stable and secure, meaning your dog is not in danger of slipping of them. They also look more in keeping with most people’s homes as they come in a few different finishes and can look quite stylish within the home. They take up less space than a ramp when open so can be left there to use daily or you could opt for a foldaway version such as Solvit Pupstep Plus which can kept stored away when necessary .

The choice between dog ramps or dog stairs depends on your situation regarding where you will be using them, your dogs reason for using them and your home or vehicle. Both options will reduce pressure on your dog’s joints which will benefit them in the long run and should be considered even if your dog is young, fit and able to help in later life. Always research the load capacity and the weight of the product to ensure it is best suited to yourself and your dog.