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Dog roadshow heads to Peterborough

Posted by: Sean McGrath  Date: 22/01/2013   Category: Latest News

A special event for dog lovers to brush up on their ownership skills has been organised for Peterborough, neneparkacademy.org reports.

The ‘Community Dog Care Roadshow’ will take place tomorrow (Tuesday 22nd January) and will welcome dog owners from all across the local area to learn more about how they can best look after their pooches.

Set up jointly by the Nene Park Academy and Wood Green: The Animal’s Charity, the roadshow will host a number of events and clinics, including the ‘Hands on Zone’, which will allow children to play with the animals and maybe even shown how to use dog grooming equipment to give them a brush. This, it is hoped, will boost their skills and confidence when it comes to handling animals.

Other attendees will also be able to enjoy masterclasses in welfare and behaviour, whilst also receiving low cost flea and worm treatments. Existing dog-owners can also get their dogs microchipped for quick and easy identification.

Speaking to peterboroughtoday.co.uk of a similar event to that which will take place at the roadshow, Year 7 pupil at Nene Park, Madison Taylor, explained: “Throughout our Hands On session we picked up some invaluable advice on how to work with and care for our pet dogs, and understand how dogs think and behave.

“It was great fun and I think everyone with a pet dog should take part in these activities.”