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Dog steps and why you might need them

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 09/12/2016   Category: Blog

It might not be clear to you, but your dog may be feeling discomfort in climbing up to the bed or any furniture. As they get older, it is not easy for an elderly dog to jump out of the bed. Also, small puppies are at the risk of getting injured as their weak bones feel much pressure as they jump.

If you consider these issues, it is very important for you to get dog steps for your beloved pet. With rising cases of arthritis in elderly dogs, you must not risk their health.

The following are some of the benefits of using dog steps:

1. If you have a small puppy at home, you must have noticed how small they are to jump into bed, chairs, couches, or other pieces of furniture. In case your pet is elderly, obese, or arthritic, you should not risk their health by letting them jump directly from high places. So, provide them with the required freedom and happiness with the use of dog steps.

2. Alleviate the pain that your dog feels in jumping. Your dog doesn’t need to apply as much pressure in the legs and back as they jump. You also won’t need not visit the vet as often as the risk of your pet getting injured is drastically reduced.

3. Not only the pet, but dog steps provide much relief to the owner too. There is no need to bend over, again and again, to pick up your dog. It is great relief for those owners who suffer from back issues. They also save you from the repetitive stress of moving your pet continuously on and off the bed as per their comfort. So, not only do they prevent back injury, but they also relieve some stress.

4. For elderly pet owners, it is a safety concern when picking up their dogs. Some dogs are too heavy to pick up and thus it is not easy to load them up in the family van. Dog steps prevent any unnecessary intervention from your side as your dog can easily move to any furniture or your vehicle.

There are some people who hold this misconception that dog steps are non-essential and costly. It is important to know that dog steps apart from being cost effective, also save the dog from frequent visits to the vets. Also, it saves the owner any visit to the clinics for back pain. So, dog steps are great pet accessories.