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Dog theft has risen significantly in the past year

Posted by: Sophie Berrisford  Date: 20/01/2014   Category: Latest News

Pet crime appears to be on the up according to a new census released by pet insurance company, More Than. This new research performed has produced evidence that cat and dog thieving in on the rise at an increasing rate. The pet theft research shows that one in five pet owners have experienced pet theft at least once in their lives.

This shocking figure looks set to rise as currently three cats and dogs are stolen in the UK every day. With 20% of pet owners experiencing pet theft it is disturbing to realise that a huge 53% of these owners stating their pet had been stolen within the last 12 months and over half of the people asked have been reunited or seen their pets again.

More Than conducted this research with 4,865 cat and dog owners and with 40 police forces getting involved in this research. The police gave information that between January and October 2013, 911 cats and dogs were reported as missing in the UK and after looking into the data closer there seems to be a pattern appearing. The most common dog to be stolen is an experience pure pedigree breed such as the Staffordshire bull terrier. The most commonly stolen cat breed was the Siamese, known for how expensive they are.

John Ellenger of More Than pet insurance commented on the research conducted, “We want to raise awareness of the issue of pet crime, encourage owners to be a vigilant as possible and provide a helping hand to reduce the chances of pet owners becoming victims of theft. Hopefully, with more people aware we’ll see crime levels drop in 2014.”

If you are a pet owner you should take extra steps to ensure your pets are secure when you are not around. If possible keep dogs inside when you are away from home and check on them when they are outside. Ensure pets wear identification collars and have both cats and dogs micro chipped with your details. Only trust reputable people and companies with your pets.