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Dog Training Skills at London Olympics

Dog Training Skills at London Olympics

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 29/06/2012   Category: Dog Shows

At the forthcoming London 2012 Olympics will be some of the UK’s leading security companies working hard to keep the venues and public safe. Security during the games will be at an unprecedented high level to ensure that the specialist dog handling services are prepared for any eventuality.

With so many venues to police the dog handling teams will form a huge part in the total security operation, these highly trained dogs will have been hand picked to ensure they are unto the challenge of this specialist high security solution.  Teams of professional dog handlers, offering both patrol and detection services will compliment existing portfolio of security solutions.

Search dogs and handler teams specialise in identifying explosives, narcotics or human detection, and are ideally suited for deployment at the the stadiums, transport, custody and immigration environments. In addition there will be a number of highly trained personal protection dogs working independently to protect celebrities, athletes and VIP guests.

This considerable operation will bring together some of the finest canine security available in the UK and this sterling work by the dogs will ensure the games pass off on a peaceful note, it really will be the dogs that are the real stars of the games.