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Dog travel tips for a safe holiday

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 05/07/2013   Category: Pet Travel

With the temperature beginning to rise, many of you will look to take a holiday in the UK or even further afield to make the most of the British weather. If you are considering taking your dog with you then here is some tips to help things run smoothly and stress free.
Firstly check out the accommodation you will be staying at, do they allow pets and if so is the garden secure for your pet especially if you have an escape artist on your hands. Even if you have a secure garden it is worth getting your dog microchipped and ensuring all details are up to date on them just in case they decide to wonder.
Secondly think about what you need to pack for your dog for the time you are away. This may include beds, toys, food, bowls and treats but also remember if your pet requires medication to take this and keep it in a safe place. Think about the journey to get to your accommodation and whether your pet gets car sick. If they do, before the journey try to find out what causes the sickness; a lot of pet’s sickness is caused by anxiety and this can be worked on by taking small journeys often.
Don’t feed your pet for a few hours before the journey; this decreases the chance of them feeling unwell. If your dog doesn’t suffer with car sickness then make sure you bring along plenty of treats and toys to keep them busy, this way it’ll be a smooth journey and can enjoy the beginning of your holiday. Have a great time wherever you go but don’t forget to check our great range of dog travel products!