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Dog walkers urged to take care following injury concerns

Posted by: David Howells  Date: 09/09/2013   Category: Uncategorized

Dog owners have been advised to ensure they always keep their pets on the lead to avoid causing injury to themselves or others, bbb-news.com reports.

Injuries caused by rogue dogs are typically seen to be limited to bites. Accident and Emergency wards around the country, however, have noted a worrying trend for non-bite dog-related admissions over recent months, thought to be as a result of big pooches clattering into people when let off the lead.

At the Hastings Conquest Hospital just last year alone, there were 37 non-biting dog-related admissions, for which 16 needed corrective surgery. Many of the injuries concerned broken bones, soft tissue damage and head wounds, most often in older people.

Now, in light of the figures – which were published by the Accident Analysis & Prevention journal – medical professionals have urged pet owners to invest in a good quality lead or dog harness if their pooch is likely to cause damage to anyone nearby.

It wasn’t just dogs belonging to others, however, that caused some damage, but also people being pulled along by their own pets. Thus, training and a good lead should help do away with the risk of nullifying all the health benefits that walking a dog would provide, should a walker get injured.

“Elderly women walking on uneven ground were most at risk of injury,” study author Dr Henry Wilmott told dailymail.co.uk.

“Typically, a middle-aged woman will be walking her dog and a large exuberant dog will knock into the side of her knee, destabilising her and sometimes breaking or fracturing the tibia, or shin bone.”