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Dogs can actually see in colour afterall

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 23/07/2013   Category: Latest News

It has often been said that dogs are colour blind however Russian Scientists have proven that dogs can see different colours and they use a visual spectrum to distinguish between objects. This is a fantastic step forward for everyone involved with dogs as dog trainers previously have avoided using coloured objects whilst training however it seems we have underestimated what dogs are capable of.
A team of researchers tested the sight of eight dogs all varying in breed and sizes to see whether they could see in colour or not.
They discovered that dogs only have two colour cones whilst humans have three so dogs can see colours but only blue and yellow. The researchers then moved on to test brightness levels using both pale blue and yellow as these are the colours we now know dogs can see. After several tests it is now evident that whilst dogs can see colours, brightness does not affect how a dog distinguishes between items.
In conclusion, the researchers said: ‘We show that for eight previously untrained dogs colour proved to be more informative than brightness when choosing between visual stimuli differing both in brightness and chromaticity.
This information is great for dog training and people wanting to train their dog. Dog owners can now choose different coloured toys or beds for each dog and dogs will easily be able differentiate between which is theirs. It also will have a positive effect on how manufacturers of dog training products develop their new products