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Dogs get caught up in tear gas troubles

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 12/06/2013   Category: Latest News

A planned peaceful protest near Gezi Park in Istanbul soon turned into a riot when police became very heavy handed interrupting the protest using tear gas and water cannons. Protestors became especially angry when the tear gas was hurting the dogs in the area, making the dogs have red, sore eyes and putting them under a considerable amount of discomfort and affecting the dogs health. Pictures have been shown all over the internet of the locals cleaning dog’s eyes of any tear gas used by the police in the protest.
The Ankara-based Human Rights Association has stated that almost one thousand people have been injured and more than three thousand people have been detained during the protests.
It has been advised to keep away from any protests or demonstrations in order to help end them quickly and keep every individual safe. Local trade unions are now working with the police and leaders of the protests by presenting the government with a list of demands which are said to help end demonstrations with immediate effect.

Some of the dogs are believed to be strays, others came with protesters, but when they have been caught in the tear-gas or pepper-spray cross-fire, many protesters have stopped to come to their aide. One dog’s owner even took preventative measures, fitting him with a mask of his own.