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Why do dogs need dog ramps?

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 22/03/2017   Category: Blog

As dogs get older and bigger they start to need help getting in and out of cars, a perfect solution to that is a dog ramp. Here are a few benefits of having a dog ramp for your companion:

• The dog will experience less stress on the joints: When the dog jumps up and down it puts pressure on the dog’s joints. For example, larger breeds of dogs, when they get older, they are going to be putting a lot more pressure on their joints. If you have a dog ramp, then the stress is reduced on the fragile joints of the dog. This fact is true for large and senior dogs too. The less stress on a dog’s joints, the happier the dog will be.

• Prevent dog injuries: If your dog misses a jump and then by accident gets hurt, then you will not be happy. You would never want this kind of thing to happen with your dog. You can’t help them every time, dogs love to be independent. Also, when it is raining or snowing, dogs need to careful when they jump out and in of the car. This is where a ramp would come into play, preventing any slips.

• Owner injuries can also be prevented: We can’t resist picking up our dogs, even if we try not to. With time dogs become heavier, and we try to do the same thing that we used to do when the dog was a puppy. This might cause you to become injured and picking up your dog every time you want them to accompany you on a car ride can be a problem. So, it’s better to have dog ramps, which will benefit both you and your dog. No one wants to get injured, so be wise bring a ramp.

• Diversity: You can use dog ramps for multiple purposes, they are not just for cars and SUVs. Dog ramps can help your dogs in going up a small flight of stairs for grooming tables or beds. You can even use them for bath tubs. They can be used for anything that a dog needs to get into or onto.

So, what are you waiting for? It is your responsibility to provide some extra comfort to your dog. Thus, you don’t need to think twice before ordering such amazing accessories for your dog. Check our online store now!