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Dogs seized during police raid

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 30/05/2013   Category: Latest News

A farm in Walshaw has been raided after an undercover reporter entered the farm in January 2013 and saw several litters being bred and kept in two shabby barns. Police ordered the RSPCA to assist them and removed 136 dogs from the farm whilst the investigation takes place. The owner of the farm who didn’t have a license for breeding animals on such a large scale claimed he didn’t have one due to Bury council making it ‘impossible’. Breeding animals is a large responsibility and licenses and rules are put in place to ensure all dogs are bred humanely and looked after. The family of puppy dog farmers are said to have been illegally breeding up to 400 dogs a year at the farm.
When looking to purchase a dog, several animal charities will urge you to consider adopting before buying from a breeder as there are thousands of unwanted dogs in the UK at any one time that are in need of a loving home and environment. Make sure that you understand the full implications of caring for a dog and the many hours involved in dog training and execising a dog before making the commitment to get a puppy.