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Dulux ads reignites interest in Old English Sheep dog breed

Posted by: Lauren Sutton  Date: 20/02/2013   Category: Latest News

Dulux’s use of the Old English Sheep dog – shaggy coat and all – in its TV advertisements has inspired a comeback for the breed, reports telegraph.co.uk.

The Old English still has a place on the Kennel Club’s “At Watch” list because it remains at risk of extinction, but an influx of puppy registrations for one of Britain’s most iconic breeds has been encouraging.

A total of 429 pups were registered last year, up seven per cent from 2011 and above the “vulnerable” line of 300.

Bbc.co.uk learned of its endangered status last year after just 316 registrations had been made by October. However, the Old English went on to finish strong – a fightback which could be put down to Dulux’s use of the breed in its TV adverts.

The paint brand first started using the breed for its marketing in 1961. Two years ago the dog reappeared after 15 years away from British screens to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the original campaign.

Janet Steele and her husband Tony are the joint owners of one of the many shaggy Old English pups that have helped Dulux win over their customers with the ‘aww’ factor. Madison, aged 6, appeared in a television advert for the brand in 2011 and the couple are glad that similar dogs have a future in Britain.

Ms Steele admitted that Old English Sheep dogs do need a bit of extra attention due to their thick coats, and that’s without mentioning dog clippers when the hair gets too long.

However, according to Ms Steele – a breeder of the Old English – they’re big, cuddly and great with kids.

She adds: “And even though they are big they don’t need ridiculous amounts of exercise – nice walks and good company and they are very happy.”