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Exercise, diet and holidays key to dog’s old age, says owner

Posted by: Pablo Smithson  Date: 08/01/2013   Category: Uncategorized

Regular exercise, a good diet and a twice-yearly holiday has been vital for helping a dog reach the grand old age of 26 years.

Sooty, a Labrador-Manchester Terrier cross, is 113 years old in dog years, reports walesonline.co.uk. Owner Tay Godrey, 55, picked out exercise, diet and holidays as some of the most important factors in her advanced years.

She explained that the dog comes camping in the Isle of Wight twice each year and “gets a good run around the field every day”, as well as having regular check-ups at a local PDSA PetAid Hospital.

Sooty’s age does not get in the way of causing mischief; sometimes she will leave the comfort of her own dog bed when Ms Godfrey’s grandson comes to stay, in favour of climbing in to the ten-year-old’s sleeping bag.

“When people are leaving the house Sooty will go out with them and hide so I can’t see her, then run up the field without me knowing. I’ve got to get dressed and go and fetch her,” added the dog owner.

At 26, Sooty may actually be one of the oldest dogs in the world and while exercise, diet and holidays are important, it is also crucial to look after a dog’s safety if they are going to reach old age, reports portsmouth.co.uk.

Hampshire Constabulary told the regional news site that dog owners should have their canine companions micro-chipped, report suspicious activity around kennels and make sure an up-to-date picture exists.