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Expert speaks out about common mistakes cat owners make

Posted by: Laura Varley  Date: 30/09/2013   Category: Latest News

Anthrozoologist and author of ‘Cat Sense: How the New Feline Science Can Make You a Better Friend to Your Pet’, John Bradshaw, has shared some of the most common mistakes cat owners make when it comes to their pet.

Speaking to nypost.com, Mr Bradshaw noted that not training a cat is a big mistake. He says that cats are smart animals and are capable of being trained, despite their independence. For example to make going to the vet easier, owners should get them used to their travel carrier before taking them to the vet in it. If owners leave the carrier out with treats inside, the cat should go in and out of it at its own will, this is so the carrier is associated with things other than going to the vet.

A separate article on catster.com also provided some advice on how to get a cat used to its carrier. Cat behavioural expert, Marilyn Krieger, says that buying the correct carrier is very important. She recommends getting one that has hard sides, so that the cat feels secure inside it whilst travelling.

Mr Bradshaw also says that owners need to listen to their cat’s meow, as most cats do so to get something from humans – they don’t really meow to other cats. Different types of sounds can mean different things, the cat might want some food or just simply want the cat flap opened for them.

He warns that owners should be aware when their cat is stressed out. “Cats that are tense and nervous will sleep with their paws out, as if ready to pounce,” he said. Whereas cats who are relaxed tuck their paws in when sleeping.