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FAQS about doggie day care

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 01/05/2015   Category: Blog

We have two dogs here at Easy Animal and whilst they love coming to work with us there are some days when we need them to be out of the office and this is how doggie day care helped us. We can book the girls in and they spend a whole day playing, walking and getting as much attention as they like. We have many people who ask us about day care on a regular basis so we have compiled a list of the five most frequently asked questions.

Is doggie day care safe?

Absolutely, as long as you choose a reputable centre that you have personally visited yourself. A good company will have several trained staff around the dogs at all times and high security measures such as double gates. They will have any emergency procedure in place and will know the answer to any question you have that will help put your mind as risk.

How long should I leave my dog at day care?

Most day care will offer two prices, half a day and a full day. I would always recommend starting your dog off with half a day for the first couple of weeks. This allows them to settle in and also allows the centre to know how much exercise and playtime your dog can handle without being overtired.

Do they provide food and bedding?

The day care will usually supply dog beds, blankets, toys and treats however to keep to the dogs routines, most day cares will ask you to provide their food for the day. Everything else will be included in the price.

How do I know if my dog enjoys it?

If you have a friendly and energetic dog then they will most likely love the exercise and attention of both the staff and other dogs. The best way to know is through your dogs behaviour, does he seem relaxed and happy when you collect him? On your second visit, you dog should seem willing to go to the day care with their tail wagging. Some dogs take longer than one visit to adjust, especially if they are not used to being left however an owner can generally tell if their dog enjoys it.

How much information does the day care need to know?

Any reputable company will ask for a lot of information; however this will only be before your first visit, any visits after then will be a quick drop off. They will want details of yourself, your vet and your dog including temperament, training, agility, and experience in kennels. If your dog has never been to a kennel or day care before they will know how to settle them in more so. All questions asked will be for the benefit of you and your dog.