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The features of a good dog car seat

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 12/04/2017   Category: Blog

Everyone knows that cars can be a dangerous place for their dogs. Therefore, cars are being built with good dog safety characteristic. Dogs are prone to accidents and injuries when they jump out of cars. The major concerns while taking your pet on a drive are as follows:-

The threat of unfocused driving

When you are driving with your dog, your four-legged friend may tend to jump in the front. This is dangerous both for the pet and the car driver, as this may distract the driver and could lead to accidents.

Car windows

Pets tend to put their head out the windows. This is a critical and dangerous situation both for the canine and the owner. Some dogs have a tendency to climb out of windows. There’s an extra risk of the dog being hit by debris from cars in front.

The following are things to be considered while opting for good dog car seats: –

1. Size- This is perhaps the most important thing to be considered while shopping for dog car seats. The seat needs to be of optimal size to keep your pet safe. The seat needs to be spacious so that the dog can still move around.

2. The type of seat- This refers to the fact that one needs to decide if the seat should be raised or flat. The seat can be booster one which helps the pet to get a good view of the outside from an elevated position.

3. Straps- It’s better to invest in a dog seat which has a good strap. This makes sure your dog is safe and secure. Such restraints keep your dog in a secure position when the car is moving. Talking about a dog harness the main features of a good dog harness are as follows:-

a) Strong and durable- The dog harness should be strong and durable. The dog harness should be made of good quality nylon. A harness made of woven nylon is a viable option. Investing in a good harness is good in the long run because it makes it worth the investment.

b) Adjustable- The dog harness should be easily adjustable. The harness comes in different sizes and while shopping for them, one should take ones pet so that one gets to know the exact size of the harness required.

c) Safe- While considering a harness must look into the fact that it can be easily machine washed. This will keep the pet safe and germ free. This ensures hygiene for your pet.

d) Easy to install- A good harness should be easy to install. It should be easy to buckle it up.