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Feeding a poorly dog

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 02/01/2013   Category: Dog Food

My beautiful 8 month old chorkie Roxy is normally a bundle of excitement as you would expect any puppy to be but over Christmas she had a couple of days where she didn’t seem herself. She seemed uninterested in eating her normal wet and dry dog food that she usually loves but was still drinking water fine. I decided to do a little research this further and thought perhaps she had an upset stomach. After speaking to the vet, I was reassured this is quite common in dogs and perhaps she had eaten something she shouldn’t have or maybe just too much grass; this sounds like Roxy! My vet recommended I cooked for her for a day or two to help settle her belly and recommend a few things to try.

The first meal I cooked was plain rice with small chunks of chicken. This went down a treat and I was relieved to see her eating for the first time in two days. I then cooked for her mashed potato and added chicken again. Once I saw her appetite pick up I added a few carrots to her meals to make them a more balanced meal. After seeing how much she enjoyed these meals I have decided to give her these ingredients whenever we have them ourselves as she loves it.

When your dog is ill the main thing you want is for them to be better. This takes time for their stomach to settle again so what is best to do is to make sure anything they eat doesn’t aggravate their stomachs. Plain foods such a chicken, rice, potato and egg are perfect for this as they are all very bland yet nutritious for your dog and give them strength. It is vital to ensure your dog has fresh water available throughout the day and night and ensure that they get plenty of rest on their dog beds without too much exercise.

I would always recommend that you consult your veterinarian before making changes to your dogs meals but these healthy home-made ingredients are a great idea even if its only in the short term whilst your dog recovers.