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First attempt at dog grooming

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 24/04/2014   Category: Blog

As promised, here is my update on how my first attempt at  grooming the Easy Animal office  dogs went. It was surprisingly easy considering I have no formal training and didn’t take as long as I had expected.

Firstly I took care to wash and dry the dogs properly as I know this process helps to prevent any knots or matting of the dog’s coats. I set up the clipper in no time at all and attached the correct blade and had everything laid out ready so I didn’t have to stop halfway and interrupt the dogs as they tend to be very impatient.

Poppy was first and was well behaved for me standing still and letting me groom her easily, I changed the blade for her legs as I prefer them shorter and used scissors for her face and tails leaving them longer than the rest of her. The nail grinder was fantastic, so quick and easy to use which is great for dogs like mine who don’t enjoy having their nails clipped. There was no fear of hurting them or going too far so I will definitely be using that time and time again.

Next up was Roxy who I was more anxious about however she behaved impeccably for a change although I’m sure this was more because she was frightened of the noise of the clippers as she stood  nicely for me to groom her. Roxy’s hair is so fine and I couldn’t go as short as Poppy’s as she would look bald however I managed another even cut! I kept her tail and face longer than her body and even on such a small breed I was surprised how easy the clippers were to use. I used the nail grinder on Roxy also and this was extremely easy to use without the worry of cutting her claws to deep.

Here are pictures of both the girls after their first cuts with mummy however I couldn’t get them to sit still together! Cant believe how much this has saved me!