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Forget cat burglar – this dog stole four grand

Posted by: Sean McGrath  Date: 21/01/2013   Category: Latest News

A small town in India is desperately searching for a dog after it stole 400,000 rupees (£4600), a website claims.

The town of Line Bazaaron is on the hunt for a stray dog who entered the house of a local greengrocer and ‘stole’ a bag containing over 400,000 rupees, says bbc.co.uk. The heist is equivalent to a year and a half of wages for a semi-skilled professional in India.

Local police believe that the only incentive that the dog could have had was hunger and perhaps thought that the polythene bag contained food.

140,000 rupees was recovered from a street close to the house after the search was launched, but the remaining 260,000 rupees is still missing.

The greengrocer, Nakched Mian, said: “When I went outside to wash my face at the water pump, I saw a stray dog running away with my money bag clutched in his mouth. I chased it but it disappeared from sight.”

According to hindustantimes.com, the dog has left no traces of the alleged crime – which local police are refusing to record as such.

In 2001 a law was passed in India forbidding the killing of stray dogs. There are now tens of millions of street dogs, with dog kennels being unable to handle the numbers.

The reasons for a local green grocer having such a large amount of cash remain unclear.

The dog remains at large.