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Foxes still getting through cat flaps

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 01/03/2013   Category: Brands

As seen on the news recently, another innocent baby has been mauled by a wild fox entering a residential property. Luckily the child’s mother intervened and the child survived. This is a strong reminder that foxes are still in the wild and will always be looking for food. Now is the time to make certain your house is secure and safe for all those in your household.
Home owners who have cat flaps are being urged to ensure they are secure especially at night times as foxes could try to enter a cat flap to enter the property in search for food. Many standard cat flaps cannot be fully secured unless you lock your cat either in or out. The best way to ensure your household is safe is to change your cat flap to a microchip cat flap. By doing this you ensure only you’re chosen pets with the correct microchip can enter through the flap preventing any stray cats, dogs or foxes to enter and put your household at danger.
The two best microchip cat flaps to choose from would be the SureFlap and the Pet Porte, both are really secure and will only allow your pes unique microchip through so you have peace of mind that no fox can enter your house at any time.
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