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Getting A New Puppy?

Getting A New Puppy?

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 04/05/2012   Category: Dog Training

If you are getting a new puppy then I would recommend that you grab yourself a copy of the latest Cesar Millan book ‘Perfect Dog’. This new book is a thoroughly good read and is a must book if you have not raised a puppy before.

 Cesar Millan takes his inspiration from watching dogs instinctive behaviour in the wild and basically follows these lessons through as a mother dog would bring her puppy up. There are lots of great advice on how to find a puppy in the first place, and which questions you should ask before deciding to buy one.

 Once you bring your puppy home that is where the fun starts and it is so important to set the ground rules early on or you will pay the price heavily further down the line. This is the first Cesar book I have read and I was very impressed with his logical sensible advice on all dog training issues. Follow his guidelines and I am sure you won’t go far wrong in your pursuit to raise the perfect dog. I was particularly impressed with Cesar’s crusade to help abandoned dogs and rescue dogs through his inspiring Millan Foundation, he is totally committed to helping less fortunate dogs and sets an excellent example to the dog world.

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