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Ginger cats favourite amongst pet owners

Ginger cats favourite amongst pet owners

Posted by: Samantha Bartlett  Date: 10/11/2012   Category: Uncategorized

Ginger cats can sleep snugly in their cat beds tonight as it’s been revealed they are pet owners favourites.

A study, conducted by researchers at the University of California, found that cat owners preferred ginger moggies as they perceived them to be friendly and lovable.

In contrast, white cats were seen as ‘aloof and distant, black as unlucky or mysterious and tabby cats got labelled as intolerant.

The study questioned 189 pet owners in California – asking them to rate different coloured cats on a scale of one to seven based on their perceived personalities.

Mikel Delgado, a psychology student who helped lead the study told dailymail.co.uk: “There are serious repercussions for cats if people believe that some cat colours are friendlier than others. We hope this will be a starting point for more research into whether there is a genetic or physical basis – such as coat colour – for personality difference in cats.”

The research was commissioned to examine why darker cats are more likely to be put to sleep and tabby cats often are given to shelters, labelled as having an attitude. The team that led the study hopes the research can help dispel ‘feline typecasting’ which can have a negative effect on adoption rates.

Last month, it was reported by theadvertiserseries.co.uk that animal shelters were bombarded with black cats just before Halloween.