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Give your dog the best Christmas

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 21/12/2012   Category: Dog Walking

If you get any time off work this festive time, it is a great chance to spend time with your dogs out in the fresh air. Most people wish they had more time to spend with their dogs so during the Christmas period why not spend some quality time with your pets.

For those looking for a new direction in the New Year then here is an opportunity for you. There is a growing demand for dog walkers; people are working harder than ever meaning less time to walk their dogs. They are now looking for people to walk their dogs for them so if you enjoy dogs and have time to walk then this is a great idea for you.

Dog walking businesses are relatively easy to start with a low set up cost. Start with gaining the trust of a few dog owners locally in your area and build up awareness of your busy by delivering leaflets. Once you have more dogs than you can handle then it is time to invest in hiring an employee. At this point you can consider branching out over a larger area and taking on more towns and villages. If you are to become a business then it would be beneficial to you to speak to something about all the legalities.

Have a great Christmas spending quality time with your pets.