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Giving Mans Best Friend a Helping Hand with Dog Ramps

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 27/10/2016   Category: Blog

Dogs love going for walks, and you can take them to explore new surroundings with a trip out in the car. Sometimes older dogs or smaller breeds may need a helping hand getting into the vehicle, which is where dog ramps are so useful.
You may find your pets are too heavy to lift into the car or, if they are getting on in years, it may become painful for your dog to be picked up. It also helps to avoid injuries jumping up on to the back seat or boot, especially if you have a 4×4 or SUV where the seats are higher off the ground. Your dog needs to be restrained in some way, says the Highway Code. So you will need a seatbelt for your dog or a guard if they are in the boot. You could also put your pet in a pet carrier or cage during the journey. This is for your own safety if you have an accident or have to brake suddenly, as it stops your from dog bouncing around and causing harm to yourself or passengers.

You will need to keep them cool by leaving the window open or using sun blinds, and it is good to have a bowl of water within easy reach. It’s best not to feed them just before you set off in case they get car sick. Never leave your dog alone in a car, especially on warm summer days. It could easily lead to a tragedy if your dog overheats.

You can get your dog used to travelling in a car by taking it for short journeys first and gradually increasing the length of your road trip. They may also need to get used to the dog ramps and need encouragement to go up or down the ramp. A few words of encouragement or rewarding them with a treat should do the trick.

Getting your dog used to travelling by car means you can find new dog-friendly walks and explore the wider countryside, which is more interesting for them and you instead of following the same route each day. There are a variety of ramps to choose from, so please take a look around our website for further information about our range of dog ramps.