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Having a go at dog grooming by a novice

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 05/04/2014   Category: Blog

A few months ago I wrote a blog about taking the plunge and grooming my own dogs – Poppy and Roxy. I have let them grow over the winter months and they are now ready for their summer cuts so I thought I would share this with you. I am no grooming expert, I haven’t had a single lesson in dog grooming however I thought why should I pay for someone else to groom my dogs at £62 times a visit when I can learn as I go and spend quality time with my girls doing it.

Poppy is a shorkie, a cross between a Shih Tzu and Yorkshire terrier. She has quite an easy coat to maintain, not a lot of knots however she does have a thick black line of hair across her spine which is completely different to the rest of her fur. She is a very placid dog and loves being brushed so she should be relatively easy to groom except her face. Unfortunately when poppy was a puppy and had her first groom, the groomer cut her face and she’s been petrified of scissors ever since.

Roxy is a chorkie, a cross between a Chihuahua and Yorkshire terrier. She has the finest fur I’ve ever seen and the groomer has always told me she can’t go too short else she will be bald as you can see her skin due to how thin her coat is. Her coat also mattes easily so I will take extra time when washing and drying her as I know that is mainly when the mattes occur. Due to her tiny size I have chosen to go for a two speed clipper so I can slow it down when I need to go around her tiny legs.

I have chosen the Andis Two Speed Clipper which was £128.99 that comes with a number 10 blade, so as an extra bonus to spending time bonding with the girls, after two cuts with them I will be saving money! I’m going to use a number 4 blade with Poppy and 4FC with Roxy as her hair is finer, I will also use a combination of a number 10 blade and scissors for the face and tail. I’m going to use I’m also going to try out the Andis Pro Pet Nail Grinder mainly because I think this would be easier than the usual dog nail clippers.

I will keep you updated in how it does and also update you with a picture of them afterwards – wish me luck, I’m looking forward to it!