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Golden retriever saves injured family cat

Posted by: Sophie Berrisford  Date: 12/11/2013   Category: Uncategorized

A golden retriever Toby has managed to help saved his owners dying cat’s life. The black and white moggie Stewart had been missing for a day which is quite common for cats so his owners Kevin and Louise Errington were not too concerned. However Toby managed to sniff out the cat at the bottom of the garden under a bush where he lay badly injured.

Toby alerted his owners by barking constantly and staying with Stewart by the bush until the owners came closer to see what Toby was doing. Luckily they saw Stewart lying under the bush looking extremely injured and took him straight to the vets for emergency surgery.

It was obvious at this point that Stewart had been badly hit by a car and was left fighting for his life. His pelvis had been separated from his spine and he had a broken leg along with severe bruising. He unfortunately is still experiencing nerve damage in one of his legs and is a risk of amputation however for now he is recovering as best as possible at home with his family.
Owner Kevin hailed Toby the hero of the day, “I’ve seen some bad things in my job but I don’t think some humans could have endured that level of pain and injuries. Without Toby I believe Stewart would have died.”

It’s within a cat’s nature to go and hide once they are injured so they don’t get preyed upon so Stewart had managed to get as far into the bush as he could with his injuries and had to simply wait for help which luckily came fast from the instincts of Toby. Toby who is usually a boisterous dog seemed completely out of character patiently waiting with his Stewart until help came.
Vet Victoria Poole revealed it was quite common for dogs to sniff out injured animals. “Dogs quite often find other ill animals and alert someone to something abnormal. But it was still a good, heroic deed by Toby.”